Shaina K.

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Dr. Dorough is absolutely fantastic!

After our first visit, I noticed a huge difference in my baby. She can now turn her neck, drink better, and digestive issues resolved.

Dr. Dorough is extremely knowledgeable about his craft. He also has a great personality, is very friendly, welcoming and caring!

I highly recommend for all!

Karissa K.

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I love Dorough Chiropractic! I seen immediate results with my newborn. My newborn is soo much happier since we have been going and he’s improving a lot with all the issues we came for. He is also extremely great with babies and very informative. He has a great personality and helps you know how to work with your newborn at home as well. I love going and my son does as well. He leaves very happy. I would highly recommend to anybody!

Erika B.

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Dr. Dorough is absolutely amazing! My family and I have been seeing him routinely for about 2 years now and we could not be happier with our care. I started seeing Dr. Dorough when I was pregnant with my second child. I was having severe lower back pain and terrible pelvic pressure, at times I could barely walk. After just a few visits with Dr. Dorough, I was able to walk and sleep much more comfortably. My kids (ages 1 and 3) have also benefited greatly from their adjustments in numerous ways including better sleep, less ear infections, reduced fussiness, and overall health and development. My husband sees Dr. Dorough as well whenever he has tweaked his back or neck, and after a visit or two with Dr. Dorough, he is back to normal. We are so grateful we found Dr. Dorough. He has truly blessed our family with health and wellness and we highly recommend him!

Nancy H.

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Dr. Dorough has been able to provide relief for my husbands congenital back issue when no other relief was able to be achieved. We had even sought rehab specialist care with an MD for a year without seeing any sustainable progress! I am so very impressed with Dr Dorough’s practice and began to see him myself.

Bayli W.

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Dr. Dorough was recommended to us with our son for body work due to ties and tightness—he has now seen both of our children! His passion for pediatric chiropractic care shows through his work, he is very informative and thorough with his patients. He answers every question with care and wants the absolute best for every person that walks in his office. My children have thrived because of his care. 10/10 recommend him to everyone, especially for pediatrics!

Bear K.

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If you are having back problems, or occasional problems due to work or posture-related issues, I can’t recommend Dr Dorough enough. Only by starting to use his services a couple years ago was I able to return to the saddle and enjoy my love of horseback riding again! His methods are unlike any other chiropractor and you will not be jerked, cracked or anything else uncomfortable. Do your back a favor and go see what I am talking about, you will not regret it.

Noah H.

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Dr. Dorough is the best! He has helped me correct my posture, alleviate TMJ pain, and drastically reduce headaches. I went from ~4 headaches per week to 100% headache free for 8 months!! The best chiropractic adjustments and treatments out there.

To make it all better, Dr. Dorough is very passionate about his work and makes it known that he cares about his patients’ wellbeing. He is also very helpful and informational if you have any questions!

Camie D.

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My midwife and family doctor from Mercy recommended Dr. Dorough to me for my little one. We are having nursing issues with my 1 month old and after seeing several lactation consultants I wasn’t sure where to go. I have been EXTREMELY impressed with Dr. Doroughs level of care! He does a great job explaining what he is doing and at home care. My little is improving with nursing and loves her visits. I highly recommend this doctor!


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I have severe scoliosis due to a hemivertebrae birth defect. Would HIGHLY recommend going to Dr. Dorough if you’re looking for some pain or symptom relief while you make decisions / do research about treatment for your scoliosis. So far he has been my go-to option for pain relief and I’m actually able to do daily things more freely as a result.

Very knowledgeable and listens to your symptoms.

Kate B.

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My son was born with severely restricted range of motion in his neck and his head was always turned to the left. He started seeing Dr. Dorough at only a few weeks old and with his treatment and at-home care recommendations, he gained full use of his neck within a few months. He is now a thriving 9 month old and you would never know he started off with those issues! Dr. Dorough is incredibly knowledgeable and personable, I highly recommend him – I even started seeing him for myself too!

Bonnie L.

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Dr. Dorough has provided us amazing care. He uses proven technology that I am really impressed by, and it’s safe for hypermobile clients which really put me at ease. His dedication to care, time, and results is second to none. The out of pocket cost also balances out what our copays would be with insurance. It has been a journey to find the right fit for our family chiropractor, and I’m so glad I kept searching!

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